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Web services have been abstracted out to their separate components. This way they can be split among different servers.

In reality, this just means that we run our Web servers on different servers than MySQL runs on. We also throw in a Load Balancer to allow multiple Web servers to run the same service, and to take on the HTTPS strain.

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Choosing a Server

In general, services can be separated or combined on servers freely. However it is more efficient (at least) to separate the Load Balancer , the Web Servers , and the Database onto separate servers. We combine the Database and the Data services onto the same server. We also run the Database Management service on the same server.

For most applications, you will want to choose the highest-spec server for the Database service. This service is the hardest to scale. The Web servers scale very easily, so you can pick lesser-spec servers. (Though if you are using Moodle you will need fairly decent Web servers.) The Load Balancer service is fairly lightweight, so you can choose a low-spec server to run this service.

See Server Documentation for the specs of our servers.


Cluster Diagram

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In the above diagram ns is our internal DNS server, and dns.he.net is our external DNS server.

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